About Us

Grepthor Software Solutions Pvt Ltd


Grepthor is a customer oriented company offering Mobile applications, Software Development, Web Development , and Business Development Services in various technologies.


We have learnt to build create a superior website that’s impressive, innovative and usable.. In order to promote your business, you need the best exposure and organic traffic that you can get. For this reason, we will also provide search engine optimization services, which will help you to generate leads, improve recognition and boost your sales.

Grepthor family has fully grown up to 700+ clients all over in India. Being a young IT body, Grepthor has clients in India, US..

We are serving businesses in extensive web applications, digital marketing & Mobile App Development. This can involve developing new applications, validate your existing applications for the web, migrating from legacy applications, optimizing and customizing your existing applications and additional.

Grepthor is the fastest growing offering win-to-win services in its lowest cost. We believe in offering services for building relationships rather than for making money.